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A Few Of My Favorite Things

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iPhone Apps

I feel naked without my phone. I admit, I may be a bit attached, but my obsession just may benefit you. This month I am sharing with you a few of my favorite apps that you may not know about with the hope that you can get the most out of your phone too.


Red Stamp – Send greeting cards, with or without  pictures via text, email or social media.  Cost: FREE

Red stamp

Ski Report – View web cams of your favorite ski resorts , get  weather forecasts, trail maps and powder report. Cost: FREE

Ski Report


Goodreads – Keep track of all the books you  have read or want to read by using the search or scan feature. Also, read book reviews by everyday people. Cost: FREE


Spotify – My most favorite music app EVER! Listen to entire albums, create your own playlists, download playlists to listen while offline. Cost: FREE (upgrade account for a monthly fee for add free listening)



TimerCam – Who needs a selfie stick?!?! I got myself an app, for free! Set a 5 or 10 second timer and use your front or back camera. Cost: FREE



Sleep Pillow – Can’t get to sleep? In a noisy hotel? Long layover? You NEED this app. Turn up the white noise! Choose from soft rain, crackling fire and more. Set a timer for up to one hour and get some shut eye. Cost: FREE (upgrade for $1.99 to get a 12 hour timer and alarm clock function)

Sleep pillow


Dice – Whenever you want to bust out a game of Farkle you can always be prepared with this app. I actually downloaded this app when one of my board game dice went missing without another die to replace it and when you want to have a family game night there’s no stopping you when you have this app.  Cost: FREE




HOBBY LOBBY – Oh, no! I’m in line and have a flashback to the kitchen counter where my 40% coupon is laying. SIGH… Not to worry! Bust out your trusty iPhone download the Hobby Lobby app and bingo! You have the coupon at your disposal. No need to print! Saved by the iPhone. Cost: FREE


Hobby lobby


A&E – Lots of us these days don’t have cable or satellite with the crazy high prices (you can probably tell that I like the price, “FREE” by now). So, you’ve exhausted your Netflix account and need some fresh material… A&E has a ton of free shows = hours of free entertainment. Cost: FREE (can enter you provider number if you want full access)



Pinterest – Okay… I know you have probably heard of this deadly app, but I want to give you a twist on how I use it. I click on the recipe that I want to buy groceries for and take a screen shot on the list of ingredients and head to the store. I just open up my photo stream and have my grocery list within a few pictures with very little effort! Cost: FREE



Alright… that’s it for now! I have way more but I think I may bog down cyber space if I keep going.  Stay tuned for a different list of, “A Few Of My Favorite Things” coming to a newsletter (and this blog) in April.